Wild West Powder Tour

The Wild West Powder Tour is something you cannot find elsewhere. It is a great combination of resorts that deliver great terrain, large vertical, big ski acreage, lots of snow, few people and a unique travel experience on and off the snow. It takes you into the heart of the great American West in Wyoming and Montana where the Wild West still exists! It truly is the last frontier in regards to wide open spaces and less people with these two states having the lowest population densities in all the USA other than Alaska.

You will be visiting three ski areas: Jackson Hole Resort and Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming and Big Sky in Montana. These ski areas truly deliver big terrain, big vertical and big snow. Here are some numbers to help share what you will experience.

Big Sky offers the largest ski-able acreage in all of the USA at over 5,800 acres. In addition this area boasts the second longest vertical in all the US at 4366 feet / 1331 meters, living up to its namesake of "big”. Right behind it with the third largest vertical in the US is Jackson Hole at over 4100 ft. Jackson Hole is nicked named “The Big One” for its amount of great terrain and vertical. You will ride the Arial Tram that whisks us up the entire 4139 ft in just 9 minutes, dropping you at the peak for numerous off-piste options.

In regards to “big snow”, these three ski areas are actually ranked in the top 20 ski areas in the world for largest historical annual snowfalls. The average annual snowfall at Big Sky is over 400 inches /10 meters. At Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee it averages 500 inches /12.7 meters. Even though these numbers are historical averages and come from the resorts themselves, it still means a lot of snow in comparison to other areas in North America and thus a high probability of skiing great snow during your tour.

The combination of these large acreages and lack of people and you will not be standing in any lift lines and there will be few skiers competing for fresh tracks in comparison to other ski areas in North America. Big Sky Resort promises no lift lines and Grand Targhee even offers a snow guarantee!

The snow quality is fantastic. It is light and dry (less than 5% water content) in these areas. This is due in part to how far inland the ski areas are from the Pacific and also due to elevations you will be skiing at. Grand Targhee, a powder paradise, has its base at 8000 ft / 2440 m and you ski at over 10,000 ft. At Jackson Hole you will be over 10,000 feet as well, and at Big Sky & Moonlight Basin you will be skiing at over 11,000 ft /3350 meters.

These areas offer the renowned hospitality and charm of Western Culture. The people are easy going, warm and welcoming. They truly have that small town western hospitality that may sound cliché but it exists and a pleasure to experience.

There will be some great night life. For example in the famous town of Jackson you will visit some historical locales such as the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Here you sit at their saloon bar in horse saddles to have a drink. A must for all who visit. Also some great opportunities to kick up your heels and do some country dancing (guys- that's optional of course!).

The geography is wild and majestic with the Grand Tetons towering over us in Wyoming and the panoramic views of Yellowstone National Park from the peaks of Big Sky. I am looking forward to sharing this part of the world with you. I have driven in these areas multiple times on my motorbike. It is stunning and still my favourite area to drive.

This tour is off the beaten track for ski resorts in North America. However, it is easy to get to by air. The tour starts and ends in Jackson Hole which has an airport serviced by multiple airlines from multiple cities in the US. As a result, only one connection is required from all countries and they are well scheduled with minimum layovers.

So with a tradition of good volumes of quality snow, big spaces, fewer skiers and famous night life, the "Wild West Powder Tour" provides you with the high probability of fresh tracks and a great adventure in a unique part of North America.