Ski Valle Nevado – Chile

The newest of the “Three Valleys” resorts, Valle Nevado was developed in 1998 and is home to the only high-speed detachable chair in Chile. It has a very international feel to it with a large hotel complex perched on the resort’s edge. Here you can ski the highest elevations in Chile for resort skiing.

Ski Corralco – Chile

Ski Corralco – Chile

Corralco Ski Resort is a magical place located off the beaten track in southern Chile. It is located on the active volcano Lonquimay and surrounded by a forest of monkey puzzle trees. This resort is the closest you can come to cat skiing without the cat with its abundant off-piste terrain (very little grooming) and lack of people skiing it!

Ski Nevados de Chillan – Chile

The single largest ski area in South America in terms of acreage, Nevados de Chillán is situated on a live double coned volcano called Chillán. The traditional ski area statistics do not do this unique ski area justice. You will experience large open treeless off-piste fields, as trees don’t grow on lava! So few people and so much area you can ski fresh tracks days after the storm!